🌀Decentralized Structures

You may want to consider a decentralized form of organizing your society.

When starting a psychedelic society, it's important to think about how to create a sustainable organization that can last for years to come.

Decentralization can be a useful approach to achieve this, as it involves having multiple stakeholders and rotating roles instead of relying on one leader.

  • When making decisions, it's important to consider the perspectives of everyone who would be affected by the decision. Seeking the input of at least two people who may have new ideas or perspectives to offer is helpful.

    • This allows for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to leadership, giving everyone a voice and promoting accountability among team members.

    • Having multiple stakeholders could be a valuable idea where people take on different roles versus one leader having the ball and running the ship on their own

    • You can also set up rotating roles so that different people on the team can take the lead at different times.

    • An example of a successful decentralized psychedelic society is the Portland Psychedelic Society, which has built a structure that allows for different groups to form, such as a veterans platform and psychedelics in recovery events. With this structure, the board does not participate in all of the groups, but rather facilitates a system where members of the Society can plug in and organize events according to their interests and strengths.

  • To make a decentralized society work, it's important to establish clear roles, values and standards of procedure so that there is a sense of consistency and accountability.

Check out resources such as "Reinventing Organizations" to learn how to create hierarchical but emergent organizations.

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