• It's helpful for your members to be able to rely on at least one recurring event each month.

  • Create guidelines around acceptable behavior for each type of event for your members

Event Ideas:

Educational Events

  • Introduction to psychedelics

  • History of psychedelics

  • Bringing various leaders in to do a workshop

  • Bringing a known researcher to give a talk

  • Have someone share a particular story or journey

  • Harm reduction education events

    • Set and setting

    • Dose

    • Testing your drugs

    • Best practices, do’s and don’t’s

    • Fireside project (623-473-7433); 3pm-3am free psychedelic peer support. Includes an affinity program for callers to be able to choose a volunteer that comes from a similar background

    • Dancesafe

    • Drug interactions; spirit pharmacist

    • Mindmedicine Australia

    • Sussex Partnership

    • Drug testing kits

    • Narcan certification with local fire department

    • CPR certifications

    • Handing our Narcan/nalaxone

    • How to get your friends out of a bad trip

    • Manual of psychedelic support

Academic Events

  • Creating opportunities for dialogue with academics

Integration Circles - How to run your own

  • Arguably the bread and butter of psychedelic societies

  • Can create different circles for different needs

    • BIPOC circles

    • Women circles

    • Queer cirlces

    • Mens circles

    • Therapeutic Use circles

    • Substance use recovery circles

    • Tam integration - accessible course on creating and hosting an integration circle

    • Zendo and MAPS resources

    • Katherine MacLean training program on how to lead an integration circle

Other circles that are psychedelically informed

  • Mens and womens circles

  • BIPOC circles

  • Trans and nonbinary circles

  • Spontaneous non ordinary states - manic episodes, psychotic breaks, kundalini experiences

Fundraising Events

  • Reaching out to bars to have an event with drink specials

  • Psychedelics tend to attract artists, you can put on an open mic or art event and have all proceeds going to the society

  • Swag/merch - make tshirts, beanies with your logo

  • Give Butter - like a go fund me for 501c3s and other official organization

  • Grant writing

Journey Events

  • Cannabis Ceremonies

    • Part of the journey cohort, preparation, experience, integration

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Cacao Ceremonies

Regular meet and greet

  • Potlucks / Picnics

Community Service Events

  • Great way to demonstrate to the general public what a psychedelic society is. Also a good way to get out of our echo chamber

    • Cleaning up trash in a park together

    • Preparing meals that get shipped to people in need - good way to build community

    • Building git bags for houseless, or children in the foster care system

Book Clubs

Documentary Screenings


  • Multiple days

  • Requires funding

  • Requires a large space

  • Yoga events

    • Requires a teacher

    • An excellent healing tool to pair with psychedelics

Other Events

  • Table at other non-psychedelic events to expand the circle

  • Lots of societies offer their members to host and lead an event that inspires them.

    • Create the tools for our volunteers to run an event.

    • Empower them to run with it

    • Have a team to support them

    • Have an events committee for people to run events by them

  • Members of societies just want to hang sometimes with no agenda too.

  • Regular town halls

    • To hear people's concerns and needs

    • Specifically helpful for organizations working on political campaigns

  • Creative workshops

    • People are regularly creating together on a project, sometimes one individual project and sometimes a group project.

    • This helps create community and communication amongst members

  • Community members may also feel inspired to create their own events through your society, and your society can act as a platform for them to express themselves and create subcommunities.

  • Its valuable to have a set of agreements for how these events occur so that all leadership is on the same page.

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