For those who are not yet ready to incorporate, below are some roles you might want to fill that exist beyond entity structures.

  • Social media outreach: managing social media platforms to effectively communicate with members and the broader community

  • Volunteer coordinator: overseeing volunteer recruitment, training, and management

  • Community outreach: building connections with other organizations and individuals, staying up-to-date with the movement, and identifying local needs and opportunities for engagement

  • Finances: managing accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, and fundraising efforts

  • Technology: maintaining the organization's website and online platforms, managing event registrations and payments

  • Event organizer coordinator: overseeing event logistics, such as securing a venue, coordinating volunteers, and ensuring adequate supplies and refreshments

  • Membership coordinator: managing the organization's membership program, including outreach, engagement, and developing member benefits and discounts

  • Volunteers, supporters, members, and other individuals who help with events and support the organization's mission.

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